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About Us


“Juma Group”


Juma Group is a family owned business company engaged in various Commercial Activities and Industry.

It is a leading Importer and Distributor of Electric Home Appliances and Wristwatches.

Founded by Grand Father Mahmoud Ahmed Juma in Damascus in 1905. Expanding it’s activities in Jordan since 1950 by our Father Mohammad M. Juma.

Juma Group are Representatives, Agents for Famous International Brands, Importers, Distributors, Whole Salers, Retailers, Exporters, Re-Exporters for Wristwatches, Electronics and Electrical Home Appliances & Manufacturers for Crystal Chandeliers and Manufacuring, Printing all types of Plastic Polyethelene Shopping Bags: -

1. Mohammad M. Juma & Sons Co. – Amman-Jordan.
2. Mohammad Juma & Sons Co. – Amman-Jordan.
3. Juma Plastic Co. – Amman-Jordan.
4. Juma Trading Co. – Amman-Jordan.
5. Juma Leuchten GmbH – Vienna-Austria.
6. Juma Electronics Co. – Amman-Jordan.

Brief History, Establishment & Expansion:

Grand Father Mr. Mahmoud A. Juma (Lived 1886-1949) established Juma Company.

In the year 1905 in Damascus (Syria) & Irbid (Jordan) dealing in all kind of products which needed for home and office lasted until 1950.

Our Father Mr.Mohammad. M. Juma (lived 1919-1996) Established our new Company: Mohammad M. JUMA & Sons Co., in the year 1950 as General Trading Co. dealing with all sorts of products and Electrical Home Appliances in the main office and showroom in Amman-Jordan.

Afterwards started the expansions as follows: -

- In the year 1955 -- Established a new other branch in Amman at Basman Street.

- In the year 1956 -- Established a relatively small factory for producing Aluminum utensils which lasted until the year 1975.

- In the year 1975 – Our elder brother established the JUMA LEUCHTEN in Vienna-Austria producing Crystal Chandelier for Local market & for exporting to overseas countries.

- In the year 1979 -- We established the plastic bag factory in our owned building in Al- Mokablain in the Industrial Zone in Amman.

- In the year 1980 -- Established Jabal Al-Hussein Branch (Amman).

- In the year 1984 -- Established Zerka Free Zone Office & WareHouse (Zerka City).

- In the year 1985 -- Established Souk Khotat Branch in Kuraish Street (Amman).

- In the year 1988 -- Established Irbid Branch in our owned building in Al-Hashimi Street (Irbid City).

- In the year 1994 -- Established Al-Gardens Street Branch at Al-Yobeel Square (Amman).

- In the year 1995 -- Established Cars Showroom in our owned building in Marka (Amman).

- In the year 2002 -- Established Aqaba Special Economic Zone Office & WareHouse (Aqaba City).

- In the year 2004 – Established Juma Electronics Co. Hisham Juma & Sons Co. (Amman).

- In the year 2014 -- Established Juma Jordan Store "www.juma.jo" (Worldwide).

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